Omega-6 fats may impede Type 2 diabetes occurrence

The intake of a diet rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fats is likely to considerably reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, as per a reliable medical journal. Research bears evidence to the fact that an omega-6-rich diet has demonstrated positive effects on human health. Clinical recommendations for an omega-rich diet border alongside nuts, soybean & sunflower oils, and beans.Clinical trials conducted with regards to the aforementioned declaration seem to be depicting mixed results. Apparently, tests performed on healthy subjects who were not provided with any guidance pertaining to diet intake, demonstrated that individuals who possessed the highest blood omega-6 marker levels were less prone to Type 2 diabetes. However, researchers have also unearthed that the intake of omega-6 fats may cause side-effects such as inflammation, which can lead to chronic infections.

In another global research study conducted at the George Institute, researchers detected that people endowed with the highest blood level of linoleic acid, a major omega-6 fat, are 35% less vulnerable to develop Type 2 diabetes in the future as compared to those who consume the product in a lesser proportion. The experiment was conducted on 39,740 adults from ten countries to determine their levels of linoleic acid and arachidonic acid, 4,347 out of which developed diabetes over time. It was also concluded that the presence of arachidonic acid in adults did not have any significant effect on the development of Type 2 diabetes, as its detected levels were not associated with higher or lower risks of diabetes.

The study’s areas of strength traversed alongside three vital pointers – that researchers had developed a pre-specified standardized analysis protocol that would increase the consistency of the findings; that tissue biomarkers of fatty acids avoiding memory errors related to the subject’s diet impressions were used in the test; and that the results were relevant to a myriad range of people across various geographies.