Tropical Storm Lester Is Now Hurricane Lester UPDATE 

Hurricane Lester gained force Saturday off the northwest coast of Mexico, where he was heading to Hawaii, said the American Center for Hurricane Watch (NHC).

The hurricane was located 960 km southwest of the tip of Baja California from the Mexican state, according to the latest bulletin of the NHC issued at 0900 GMT. It was moving toward the Pacific at a rate of 19 km / h with winds 140 km / h.

In its previous report, the NHC Hurricane localisait 885 km from Baja California with winds at 120 km / h.

but if Lester “continues on this path, it could reach Hawaii,” he told AFP Norman Hui, the NHC office in Honolulu.

a tropical storm named Madeline threat as touching the archipelago Wednesday night.

Lester is still in category 1, the lowest of the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, which has five. In Category 1 winds between 119 and 153 km / h.

Lester still expected to strengthen during the next two days while keeping the same course, according to the NHC, based in Miami, Florida (southeast). “No warning was issued” for the Mexican coast.

In early August, the passage of Hurricane Earl had killed 45 people in central and eastern Mexico.

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