OPPO collaborates with Qualcomm to manufacture 5G smartphones

In a drastically changing tide of events observed across the emerging telecom sector in China, OPPO Electronics Corporation, a China based consumer goods firm, has announced its association with Qualcomm technologies Inc., a key player dabbling in 3G & next-gen mobile technologies. Reliable sources have claimed that the latter will assist OPPO in the production of mobiles supporting 5G network technology. It has been confirmed that as a part of the deal, Qualcomm will also provide services such as radio frequency front-end field to OPPO.

According to a key official of OPPO, the firm plans to make huge investments in innovative technologies such as AI and 5G in the future with the objective of fulfilling the new product demands of its end users. Reports have confirmed that the Chinese consumer electronics firm will introduce 5G mobiles in 2019. It is believed that this year, OPPO will prepare for its entry into the global markets, including the highly-developed ones such as Japan, and offer smartphones equipped with new technologies to customers.

Earlier in January this year, IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group, a non-profit organization established in Beijing under the auspices of the Chinese legislation, had released the R&D Phase III trial specifications of 5G technology in the Chinese capital. It was observed that OPPO was the sole smartphone manufacturer in the country that participated in the trials and contributed significantly towards the 5G standard formulation.

Technocrats are of the opinion that with the onset of next-gen technologies, 5G is most likely to dominate the telecom sector over the next few years. It is believed that the strategic decision of OPPO to collaborate with Qualcomm to develop 5G mobiles will help the firm expand its smart phone business across the globe. Industry analysts have further predicted that other regional Chinese players are likely to ape OPPO, in the course of which China would experience extensive growth across the consumer electronics sector.