Patient Access Solutions forms a JV with NYIE Pain Management

Patient Access Solutions, Inc., which provides healthcare & financial processing solutions for the healthcare and dental industries, recently announced to have entered into a JV (joint venture) with the NYIE Physician Group.

Reportedly, the JV between the two firms is expected to provide better service and patient care through efficient treatment and integrated medicine. Sources claim that the estimated annual revenue for the joint venture is USD 5 million.

For the uninitiated, NYIE Pain Management & Wellness is a group of affiliated healthcare practices. It specializes in Workman Compensation treatment in NY city’s boroughs of the Brooklyn, Bronx, and Long Island and has been in operation for the last two decades.

Dr. Donald Chiappetta, Chief Operating Officer of Patient Access Solutions, was quoted saying that the company focuses on delivering the optimum quality of care and aspires to combine it with a profitable business model. He further revealed that the key strategy for the company’s success is to find organizations and partners that not only complement its wellness mindset and integrated medical health, but also offer services in the areas that the company did not already provide.

According to Dr. Donald Chiappetta, its joint venture with the NYIE Pain Management helps it do exactly this and much more. He said the combine entity can now leverage the available capacity of its Plainview location and extend services outside its existing facility to the already established centers throughout the Long Island area and Greater New York.

For the record, Patient Access Solutions Inc., the Commack, New York based company has developed a formidable array of management resources, technology, and allies to empower it to become a leading agent of radical change, in the otherwise slowly emerging healthcare environment. The company, through its medical billing, merchant processing platform, provides patient eligibility, and patient self-pay solutions.