Pentagon to approach Huawei rivals Nokia, Ericsson for 5G solutions

A pentagon official has recently revealed that the Pentagon is laying the groundwork for using technology from the rivals of Huawei Technologies, Ericsson and Nokia, for its 5G development plans. Apparently, this move came on the heels of the United States further looking to distance itself from the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

Under secretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment of the Department of Defense, Ellen Lord, mentioned that it is doubtful if they would be having a total U.S. solution. The Pentagon is in talks with Nokia, and with Ericsson as well, she confirmed.

Lord, who is also the chief weapons buyer of Pentagon, added that the United States is making way towards developing its own technology for supporting 5G enabled communications.

Reportedly, Europe has been lobbied by the United States for shutting out Huawei, as the U.S. says that the equipment of Huawei could be utilized by the Chinese government for espionage. However, the European Commission is anticipated to ignore the calls of U.S. for banning Huawei Technologies.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer has firmly rejected the allegations and sued the U.S. government earlier this month over this issue.

Lord further said that the military to military discussions on the future 5G networks, at the same time, were going good for the U.S. There is actually a massive dialog going on currently on the military side, with regards to the path forward. Pentagon has been witnessing a number of European allies leaning forward for working with the United States on this.

Purportedly, the European Commission will be leaving this matter to the individual nations for them to decide on the national security grounds, while in the meantime, recommending the member countries to share more data for tackling cybersecurity risks relating to 5G networks.