Peterson to launch Pulse intelligent trailer system to avoid mishaps

Peterson Manufacturing Company, the renowned vehicle safety lighting systems production firm has announced the launch of its patented PULSE, a real-time intelligent trailer system. The key officials of the firm have declared that the new tool will be available early next year. As per Steve Meagher, Vice President – Sales, PULSE, which uses an intelligent trailer technology, can help in equipping trailers with telematic ability and CAN-Bus technology.

Peterson’s latest technology is speculated to be used in fleet trailers that will enable it to monitor ABS brakes, cargo temperature, doors, and tire pressure. The system is also expected to provide alerts to fleet managers & drivers via Bluetooth or mobile connection.

The Director of Peterson’s engineering division has announced that PULSE increases the safety of both cargo & drivers, while helping to prevent road mishaps and CSA violations. Reportedly, Peterson has developed the new system in association with the key players that are a part of the competitive landscape of the ABS & telematic technology manufacturing business. The technology is likely to be compatible with other diagnostic tools as well and can be merged with the existing telematics provider of the fleet, cite sources.

Industry analysts are of the opinion that Peterson’s Pulse intelligent trailer system will make fleet trailers more intelligent than technology-embedded tractors used for transportation purposes. This smart & flexible system helps the fleet to handle & protect their machinery as well as the cargo.

As per company sources, PULSE effectively fulfills CAN-Bus Standards and embeds sensors & twisted pair wires that are durable, completely sealed, and vibration tested. The structure of the PULSE system coincides with the network of the computers.

It is being surmised that other players across the transport sector may soon follow the example set by Peterson. Analysts claim that the introduction of new technologies in trucks will contribute significantly towards reducing the number of accidents taking place on the roadways.