Samsung-Amazon deal to transform streaming devices market dynamics

For the first time in the history of the electronics and media industry, the partnership brought together by two tech giants, Samsung and Amazon, will reportedly enable viewers to stream videos in HDR10+ on their television sets.

According to sources, Samsung has announced that Amazon’s Prime videos will stream on QLED or UHD high-end TVs as on 13th December – more than 100 movies and TV shows, with Amazon’s originals – The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, & The Tick, are expected to support the format HDR10+ on TVs.

Enumerating their views on the partnership, experts speculate that the intent of the alliance is to make more of Amazon’s catalog compatible with Samsung TVs in the years ahead. Moreover, with Amazon’s support, Samsung is pushing to expand an ecosystem for its HDR10+ technology standards as well as boost the value of its smart TVs.

However, industry analysts claim this move to stand as an obstacle in the growth of streaming devices market, as the advent of smart TV solutions and Amazon’s plan to apply the HDR10 Plus to more diverse content will ultimately provide non-streaming device users with the same functionality as media streaming devices. This has led streaming devices industry players to invest heavily in strategic M&As. Despite these constraints, relatively lower-prices of these devices, higher access to content, and unaffordability of smart TVs, according to analysts, will work in favor of streaming devices market expansion.

Eum Doo-chan, Samsung’s visual display business Vice President, further revealed that they will be expanding the application of HDR10 Plus technology to make video content available on larger scale and deliver more vivid color in visual quality for users. Furthermore, Greg Hart, Amazon’s video service Vice President, was quoted stating that the combination of Amazon Prime Video and HDR10+ technology will open a new horizon in the digital entertainment and electronics & media market.