Largest silicone device trial launched in breast implants market

Groupe SEBBIN SAS, one of the foremost leaders in France breast implants market, has apparently announced that it has just brought an inclusion phase to a closure – a phase that includes the clinical study of nearly 1,000 patients depicting breast augmentation or reconstruction. For the record, Groupe SEBBIN has been an established French company for more than three decades, and is reputed for developing, manufacturing, and commercializing high quality implants and myriad other medical solutions for reconstructive surgery.

For the record, sixteen surgeons from private clinics and University Hospitals across Europe will apparently be participating in this long-term clinical trial project and will conduct follow-ups on patients over a decade-long period, effectively assessing the safety and reliability of SEBBIN silicone gel-filled breast implants.

Diederik Van Goor, the Chief Executive Officer of the SEBBIN Group has been quoted stating that the company is extremely proud to declare the closure of a vital inclusion phase, which according to him, has emerged to be one of the biggest, prospective long-term silicone implant clinical studies that may have a marked impact on breast implants industry. Furthermore, the CEO claimed that as a part of the company’s commitment to transparency, all the findings of this long-term study will be promptly published and made accessible to the entire scientific community.

Sources cite than as on this date, breast implants market has already witnessed the SEBBIN breast implants undergoing numerous clinical trials – both retrospective and prospective, with close to 1500 enrolled patients. These clinical studies, some of which are already completed, and many others that are currently in process, are reportedly being conducted on a global basis in at least 10 countries, namely, Spain, Belgium, Israel, South Korea, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Argentina, Germany, and Russia. Experts claim that the results of these clinical trials may be perpetually helpful in providing medical evidence in breast augmentation and reconstruction, which by extension is likely to positively favor breast implants market.