Symbiont partners with Templum for blockchain asset securities

The firms are philosophically allied to revolutionize the marketplace for smart contracts and digital assets.

Symbiont, a fin-tech company that delivers enterprise blockchain solutions, recently announced that it will be partnering with Templum Inc, a leading innovative technology company. Templum will be utilizing Symbiont’s Assembly as their smart contract technology and blockchain and for secondary trading platform as well as for raising capital. The two companies together will be working to transform the $3 trillion issuance market of private securities.

For the record, Symbiont provides institutional applications of blockchain technology. According to reliable reports Symbiont is currently working with companies like Nasdaq, Citi, Vanguard and Ranieri.

Christopher Pallotta, Co-Founder and CEO has been reported by the CryptoNinjas to say that Templum and Symbiont share a common vision for modernizing private markets and Symbiont has built a technology infrastructure that is best in its class. The present partnership, which combines the innovations of both companies in the private markets, is a means to reach the goal the companies had been working towards for a long time.

According to experts, with the rise of smart securities and digital assets, the financial capital markets are going through transition worth multiple decades of progress. The partnership is another step in driving the evolution of the financial markets. Templum’s thought leadership and innovation in private securities technology and regulatory infrastructure combined with Symbiont’s Blockchain technology is anticipated to provide global investors with superior access to capital, facilitating the formation of new financial instruments and new liquidity with unparalleled levels of transparency and security. Together, the companies have created unprecedented market infrastructure for the private markets and smart securities.

Mark Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Symbiont has been reported to say that Symbiont takes a very disciplined approach at forging partnerships and the main focus is on solving real problems in the financial markets. He added that Symbiont is proud to announce its partnership as the firms are philosophically on the same platform to revolutionize the marketplace for digital assets and smart contracts.