Toyota & Subaru to join hands for introducing new sports car models

Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the most prominent automakers, plans to collaborate with Subaru Corp’s car manufacturing division. Reportedly, the firms aim to resume their joint operations to develop the next-gen rear-wheel drive Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ sports car brands with more efficient engines. The new car models are likely to receive more movement due to installation of 2.4-liter engine size as compared to the 2.0-liter engine size of the current models.

Earlier, both Toyota and Subaru had jointly designed the original Toyota 86 model known as Scion FR-S that was introduced in 2012.  Both the Toyota 86 and BRZ sports cars are expected to be launched by 2021. According to Japan Times, Toyota Motors has commenced the development of its new Hachi-Roku 86 car model jointly with Subaru. Sources claim that the innovative 86 prototypes will be manufactured at Subaru’s car production unit in Gunma Prefecture.

Subaru may plausibly sell the new Toyota sports car model under its BRZ brand name. The brand will embed unique safety features such as automatic brakes and can even be equipped with the new Eye Sight driver assistance technology. Even the novel BRZ model of Subaru is predicted to deploy Eye Sight driver assistance system featuring lane-keeping assistance and pre-collision brakes as safety gears.

Since its launch, the existing sports vehicle models of Toyota & Subaru have received a midcycle facelift, a little chassis tweaks, and only some special modified types. However, the new vehicle prototypes are anticipated to be the next-generation rear-wheel-drive sports cars embedded with unique safety features. Experts state that since sports cars attracted sports lovers across the globe due to their ability to offer an enhanced driving performance, this strategic move is likely to encourage the emergence of new manufacturing trends among car manufacturers.