Canadian airline WestJet launches first-ever AI-driven chatbot

Canadian airline WestJet is all set to go digital with the launch of its chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The innovative service is said to assist passengers for finding travel destinations, flight bookings and frequently asked questions, without having to confront a human being.

The chatbot, named Juliet is the first of its kind for this Calgary-based airline, said sources. The AI chatbot will be available to customers through Facebook Messenger, so that customers can plan and navigate their travel with ease.

According to the IT World Canada, the chatbot can even help travelers discover new destinations, day of travel information and also offer travel inspiration during trips. Sources familiar with the development claim that the chatbot can be accessed in English and French. The bot is expected to learn as humans do with the help of machine learning, which enables the bot to absorb instructions, experience, and examples resulting in accurate responses over a period.

Alfredo C. Tan, Chief digital and innovation officer at WestJet was quoted saying that, out of the many tactics applied by WestJet, the AI chatbot will be the airline’s first attempt to digitally enhance customer experience and make air travel more convenient and enjoyable.

He also stated that the reason for choosing Facebook Messenger as the ultimate platform for their AI chatbot is the platform’s high rate of familiarity among its customers.

Earlier this year, even Air Canada had reportedly announced its plans to explore AI technology to further enhance its journeys and customer experience. While WestJet is just starting out, major airlines in Europe and the U.S. have already integrated AI chatbot services into their airline operations.

According to market experts, AI will witness significant investment opportunities in the aviation sector, which is estimated to accrue substantial returns over the next few years.

WestJet claims to incorporate its latest service with more features such as voice interaction and eventually launch it on different platforms in the coming years.