How camping improves the quality of sleep

Nowadays our life is so overwhelmed with important responsibilities that we often forget about one weighty thing – quality of sleep.Camping is the great activity that saturates your body with energy and improves your body balance. Here are the main reasons why you should do camping on weekends!

According to the recent studies, most people feel sleep-deprived because of the modern exposure to electrical lightning. It influences the functioning of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for proper regulation of day-night rhythms. As a result, our internal clocks become shifted, we can’t get up in the morning and quickly fall asleep in the night.

This issue was thoroughly studied by scientists and they came to the solution that a camping weekend helps to shift the clock and improve the quality of our sleep. The group of scientists sent nine people camping while another five stayed at home. According to their findings, after the active weekend, travellers found it easier to fall asleep and feel hale and hearty in the morning. Their melatonin began to rise and after the trip they started to fall asleep two hours earlier than before.

Now let`s think about the food we pack our bags with before camping. There are a lot of products that can naturally increase the production of melatonin. They include bananas, pineapples, oranges, oats, rice, barley and tomatoes. They will give you enough energy to conquer any distance and together with it saturate your body with melatonin. Also include these products in your daily ration and you soon you will see the result.

Now you are in nature, your backpack is filled with healthy food, it is high time to think about activities. What about meditation? Its benefits are endless. It reduces stress and increases your psychological functioning. Just try to focus on the present moment, slowly inhale and exhale breathing in the fresh air. After that you will feel the general relaxation and it will be much more easier to fall asleep in the evening. Why not to make it your everyday ritual? Hiking and meditation are the best ways to find the life balance and always listen to your body.

When we spend more time on the sunlight and reduce the nighttime exposure to electrical lightning, our internal clocks work in a proper and balanced way. The best recipe of a productive week is to spend your weekends in the fresh air and with recreational activity. It is definitely worth it!