Apple and Dream Corps team up to help introduce more people to Swift

Tech giant Apple has made it to the headlines for announcing a partnership with Dream Corps intended to train people to code using Swift, the company’s own programming language. The company claimed it is working with the Oakland-based nonprofit on the initiative as per which Apple will provide technology along with professional support, curriculum guidance, and advocacy to middle and high schoolers, college students, and beyond.

Reportedly, Dream Corps currently runs its own learn-to-code program #YesWeCode, which has had 100 graduates till date and placed nearly 60 percent of them in tech jobs. The firm’s long-term goal is to help 100,000 youngsters from understated backgrounds in attaining training to get jobs in the tech industry.
Vien Truong, CEO of Dream Corps, who joined the company in 2015, stated that to her the company is like a Peace Corps for the American Dream.

Truong further noted that it’s about ensuring to help uplift people who lived or grew up in communities like hers. This partnership with Apple will help unleash the untapped talent and genius within those communities, which will help a new generation achieve their dreams, Truong added.

The organization is working together with the Mayor’s office and the city of Oakland in search of a dedicated location to implement the program with Apple and other workforce development programs, reported sources familiar with the development. The program is slated to be launched later this year in the Bay Area, stated Apple.

Apple’s investment in the program is part of its larger Community Education Initiative, but this is not the only way the tech giant is persuading people to learn Swift. Since Swift’s introduction in 2014, Apple has launched several programs and tools targeted at introducing more people, including the launch of Swift Playground in 2016, reported sources.