Henkel latest products to soon premier in automotive composites market

Renowned automotive and transportation industry giant Henkel will reportedly be participating in the JEC World 2018 to depict the firm’s technology portfolio and global service capacity for automotive composites. The company will also make sure that specialists are available at the expo, in order to discuss Henkel’s latest expertise with regards to sustainable, light weight composite products and adhesive technologies.

According to EPPM, Henkel has geared up for the JEC World 2018 with its massive product and service spectrum for the automotive and transportation industry through its demonstration of leaf springs, composite wheels and molds all of which had been developed aiming at the overall weight reduction of automobiles and automotive parts.

Reports state that Henkel’s carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRC) products will also be displayed at the JEC World 2018. One instance of such product is the Loctite MAX 5 – a new matrix resin for CFRC wheels that has been designed to replace aluminum in different automobile parts in the chassis. According to The Automotive World, the Loctite MAX 5 builds on the success depicted by Loctite MAX 2, a previous product of Henkel. Incidentally, Loctite MAX 5 is characterized by resistance to high temperature, commendable durability and large scale cost-effective production.

Konrad Brimo Hayek, Senior Business Development Manager, Chassis, ADAS & Safety for Henkel has been reported to state that a strong trend towards light weighting has been observed in the automotive and transportation industry, focusing on bringing down the weight of chassis components and multi substrate design. He went on to add that with the comprehensive product portfolio of Henkel, the company is determined to make a mark in automotive composites market as a global solutions partner with its multi-substrate adhesives, matrix resins, binders and release agents.

For the record, Henkel has two composite labs in Germany and Japan that provide in-depth knowledge, customer trials and applied engineering in the development of composites.