CaliBurger enters electronics & media market with face scanning kiosks

CaliBurger, one of the most popular burger chains in California, has apparently introduced a new face scanning

system at one of its outlets, that will reportedly scan the customer’s face to take their order. As per sources, CaliBurger has partnered with a globally reputed electronic security industry magnate in order to successfully execute this system. At the moment, the burger joint has been testing face scanning kiosks at its location in Pasadena, and has apparently been doling out loyalty points to the customers with the lure of linking their faces to preferred orders that would automatically pop up the next time the customers visit the joint. While deploying facial recognition software isn’t an all-together novel notion to get used to, experts say that minority outlets adopting the technology would further catapult the popularity of the system in the electronics & media market.

Sources cite that Cali Group, the parent company of CaliBurger, has been working with the NEC Corporation of America, with an intention of integrating the spheres of brick-and-mortar retail with digitized face recognition, in a move that may marginally reshape the dynamics of electronics & media market. For the record, NEC has developed the NeoFace face scanning technology that CaliBurger uses in its systems. The company had earlier brought forth a similar face scanning software in Georgia, for spying on a select group of suspicious individuals, via CCTV.

The CEO of the Cali Group, Mr. John Miller, has apparently stated that launching face scanning kiosks would possibly help the company eventually replace credit card payments with face-based ones. In essence, says Miller, adopting face scanning systems is a part of the company’s long-term plan to help retail companies provide numerous security benefits for consumer comfort and convenience. Experts on the other hand, vouch that though introducing these systems may propel electronic security industry growth, it is pivotal to bear in mind the possible repercussions of facial recognition software misuse.