SGL-Bertrandt deal marks debut in carbon fiber composites market

In a bid to bring about a transformational change in the carbon fiber composites market, the industrial design services company, Bertrandt has recently launched an integrated and innovative concept for automotive interior structures based on composite materials. The Germany-based firm collaborated with the foremost chemicals company, SGL Group, to design the model named as Carbon Carrier. Reportedly, the model is ready to be produced on a large-scale and is said to be the ideal instance of composites material mix in the automotive sector. Apparently, Bertrandt and SGL Group, through this deal, have unified their respective expertise to illustrate the growth prospects of polymers and advanced materials industry. The partnership, as per sources, would result in unveiling a high-end technology that offers cutting-edge design and configuration alternatives for vehicle interiors.

According to the company’s reports, while drawing out the blueprint of the Carbon Carrier, an OEM-neutral body draft of Bertrandt proved to the foundation of the model which would reportedly be used for the front interior of electric vehicles. The Carbon Carrier blends lightweight fiber compounds and consolidated functionality, which has found immense usage in the automotive and construction sector in the recent times. Furthermore, the product would have quite an impact on the product landscape of carbon fiber composites materials industry, with components such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics being used in light-weight construction and electric vehicle production with reduced weight.

The companies reported that while developing the Carbon Carrier, the prime challenge was to find the optimum configuration of fiber length, matrix and fiber material, process technology, layer structure, and orientation that would comply with myriad requirements of various sectors.

Meanwhile, Dr. Andreas Erber, Chief of the Lightweight and Application Center of SGL Group, was quoted stating that both the companies, combined their expertise from the concept ideation phase, development process, design and till the automation, to produce the Carbon Carrier on a wide-scale.

For the record, the SGL Group, a chemicals manufacturing company also partakes in the polymers and advanced materials industry.