CM Group acquires email marketing tech services Liveclicker, Sailthru

CM Group, a family of marketing technology services which include Emma, Delivra and Campaign Monitor, has announced the acquisition of email personalization service Liveclicker and the marketing automation firm Sailthru. With this acquisition, the CM Group now allegedly has 300,000 customers and 500 employees.

The group said in a statement that these acquisitions would bring in an additional revenue of around $60mn and about 540 new customers, which would include Samsung and Bloomberg. However, financial terms with regards to the acquisitions were not disclosed and both the deals were quietly closed in 2018.

According to reports, Liveclicker is a relatively small firm which was bootstrapped and is yet to receive any outside funding, in comparison with Sailthru, that has raised about $50 million in venture funding before this acquisition. Liveclicker has still been able to attract customers such as TJX Companies, Quicken Loans and AT&T by providing them with the ability to personalize their email messages and tailor them as per their customers.

Sources familiar with the matter cite that the product portfolio of Sailthru is also quite a bit broader, including similar email marketing tools, however, the firm also provides services for personalizing mobile and web experiences, along with tools for predicting churn and making other predictions focused on retail. Sailthru provides personalized solutions for enterprises, using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, across web, email and mobile channels.

Chief Executive Officer of CM Group, Wellford Dillard, was quoted saying that Liveclicker as well as Sailthru are extraordinary technologies that would solve major marketing problems. The group would also make additional investments in the ventures to accelerate their growth further, he added.

Dillard further said that bringing these firms together enables the company to deliver ideal solution for the needs of marketers as they navigate through complex and fast changing environments in which they operate.