Animal healthcare giant Merck launches diabetes care & control program

Merck Animal Health, a global leader in animal healthcare and medical devices industry, has recently launched a global education program – Care and Control of Pet Diabetes, featuring animated characters Sugar & Spike to provide pet owners with essential tools for educating them about pet diabetes. Reportedly, the care & control program features an attractive animated dog and cat duo, Spike & Sugar, who help in delivering facts, tips, advice, and information about clinical signs of pet diabetes, in conjunction with guidance from a veterinarian to help develop a treatment plan.

Some veterinary experts reveal that just like humans, diabetes can also majorly impact four-legged companions. The prevalence of diabetes in cats and dogs spans from at least one in 100 to one in 500 respectively. According to reports, the number of dogs diagnosed with diabetes has increased three-fold in past 30 years. Industry analysts predict that the rising awareness among the pet owners and increasing drug development by companies may have a lucrative impact on animal healthcare market in the ensuing years.

For the record, Merck is a leader in animal healthcare industry and is bringing forward medicines and vaccines for most of the challenging pet diseases. The company is also known as MSD Animal Health in the external parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Reports claim that the prevalence of diabetes in four-legged family members is one of the most common endocrine conditions and has grown by an average of 49% in the United States, since 2006. Pet diabetes, if left untreated, may result in fatalities including hypoglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, nerve damage in hind legs (cats), and cataracts (dogs), cite medical experts.

Merck Animal Health’s Sugar and Spike website includes a quick quiz to inform and educate pet owners about the effective symptoms of diabetes along with checklist that can be brought to veterinarian appointments.

For the record, November is celebrated as Pet Diabetes Month and several animal healthcare market giants take this opportune time to create awareness about zoonotic diseases and launch pet care programs.