Humpback whale Attempts to Dock At Marina (VIDEO)

Humpback whale marina

Fishermen in Alaska have had a surprise drop-in from a very special guest, with a humpback whale breaching just a few feet from their dock.

As reported by NBC, Cy Williams captured the moment the mammal came up from the water to “bubble” feed at the Knudson Cove Marina, giving bystanders a show usually reserved for whale watchers out at sea.

A large animal can be seen under the water with its mouth wide open, before it breaks the surface and consumes its catch.

Gasps of awe can be heard in the background.

Mr Williams was readying for a fishing charter when he noticed the whale hanging about the harbour and decided to begin filming.

Humpback whales bubble feed by encircling herring and krill in bubbles that they blow, which forces them to the surface.

“The whales this spring have been putting on stunning performances for the local boat captains who are getting their boats ready for the summer fishing season,” YouTube user Worman Sportfishing, who posted the video online, wrote.

Check out the Humpback whale marina video below


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