‘Project Liberty’ to alter sustainability trends in polymers industry

As a part of a pivotal step forward in encouraging sustainable practices across the polymers and advanced materials industry, Essel Propack Ltd. has launched a novel recycling venture christened as ‘Project Liberty’. As per reliable reports, the India based laminated plastic tubes manufacturer aims to establish a sustainable and traceable recycling process by implementing this project.

Given that the primary objective of this path-breaking project is to recycle multilayer laminates, Essel Propack has codeveloped a solid state and ecofriendly procedure to separate aluminum from tubes and laminates. Apparently, by separating polymer and aluminum into two discrete and reusable streams without utilizing heat or chemicals, the firm aims to establish a first-of-its-kind practice in the overall polymers and advanced materials market. If reports are to be believed, the company has teamed up with numerous prominent technical partners across major geographies in order to successfully operationalize ‘Project Liberty’.

Speaking on the development, the CMD of Essel Propack Ltd., Ashok Goel was quoted stating that the launch of ‘Project Liberty’ would assist the firm’s major partners in realizing sustainability commitments and fulfill the vision of manufacturing 100% recyclable laminates and tubes.

Meanwhile, it would be prudent to mention that Essel Propack utilizes two fundamental structures to manufacture its flagship laminated tubes, namely Plastic Barrier Laminate (PBL) tubes and Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL) tubes. Out of these two structures, PBL is said to be easily recyclable while the ABL tubes, which are made with the combination of various polymers, pose challenges in recycling.

Bearing in mind the aforementioned constraints, the company has been working persistently over 4 years to devise a solution to recover polymer and aluminum fractions from the ABL tubes, cite sources. The recovered aluminum metal would further be reused which would make each tube and laminate recyclable, enhancing the efficacy of sustainable methods across polymers and advanced materials industry.