Tencent’s new data centers to impel regional electronics industry

Renowned electronics and media market giant, Tencent has apparently taken a new initiative to expand its patent cloud services business, Tencent Cloud. The Chinese internet behemoth, this Thursday, made it to the headlines with the announcement of opening new data centers in Hong Kong, U.S. and India. Allegedly, the launch is depicted to be strategic move for the company as it aims to catch up with global giants Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and hometown rival Alibaba.As per reports, the data centers to be launched in U.S. would be in California’s Silicon Valley and in the state of Virginia. While this is claimed to be Tencent’s second center in the Silicon Valley site, the company is penetrating the Virginia market for the first time. Sources have categorically stated that the Virginia data center would be connected with NOVA, one of the prime nerve centers of the city. The Indian data center would be at the country’s financial capital in Mumbai and would reportedly serve as a hub for the Tencent Cloud’s services throughout South Asia, cite authentic reports.

Though Tencent is already considered as a forerunner in the overall electronics and media industry, its cloud service business is still operating on a smaller scale when compared with renowned biggies such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alibaba. The Chinese company thus has now made hefty investments on its cloud business in the form of global data center expansion. As per official reports, with new data centers in Asia and U.S., Tencent Cloud will be pegging 42 availability zones across the globe.

For the record, the Hong Kong data center that would be specifically designed to serve the financial sector, is Tencent’s second in the Asian business and network hub. The former Hong Kong facility, reportedly, was launched in the year 2014.