Camping Equipment You Don’t Need on Camping Trip

Camping and hiking are all about nature and wilderness. Leaving civilization for a few days. No internet, electrical gadgets, loud music. Some kind of survival mode, without the usual coziness.

And when you’re carrying all of your stuff in your backpack, including a tent, you have to make the minimal checklist of essential items. There is no necessity of bringing your entire apartment with you. Just necessary and useful stuff. That’s why you have to be careful in choosing your items so consider leaving these at home:

Extra clothes

Don’t pack the stuff you won’t be needing. Be practical and organized. You might think that clothes are lightweight, but it actually takes a lot of space in your backpack and it can weight a lot. There’s no need to look fashionable, you only need comfortable clothes. Be prepared to wear clothing more than once. You’ll need extra shirts in case of sweating during hiking. Warm clothes, raincoat, underwear, a few pair of socks – depend on how many days you’re going to stay. No matching the clothes, no accessories.


You really don’t need one. Use your extra clothes (a hood for example) as a pillow.


You can deal with your dirty hair for several days. Or you can use a biodegradable soap but keep in mind it should be used at least 200 feet from any water sources. After washing, you should dig a hole in the ground and put your wastewater into it. This kind of soap requires soil for it to decompose properly. Just leave your bubble baths at home.

Beer and alcohol in glass bottles

If you really need some alcohol on your camping, put it in a plastic bottle. Glass bottles are back killers. Nevertheless, don’t forget to bring trash with you when you’re leaving!

More than one book

If you really enjoy reading while camping, try to bring a lightweight book. Don’t bring The magic mountain or something 200+ pages. The best choice for reading while camping is a guidebook or plants handbook.


Ceramic cups and bunch of dishes are not generally needful. Bring a half-liter Nalgene bottle, or plastic bottle instead. Use one cup for every drink and wash it when needed.

Tea bags

There are plenty of wonderful herbs all around you. Learn how to identify them and make a delicious tea on the ground.

Makeup and stuff

Girls, you don’t need your mascara, foundations, depilatory items on camping. Bring tweezers instead, that could be useful (for pulling out a torn from your skin for example).


Of course, you’ll bring your cell-phone, but try to keep it turned off. Turn it on only in case of emergencies, or to let your family know you’re fine. Instead of taking a bunch of selfies, or playing candy crush, enjoy the nature!

Music players and speakers

You WILL survive without hearing your favorite song for few days. If you don’t have someone who plays the guitar or harmonica (something portable), listen to the sounds of nature. Birds, trees, and leaves.

Big camera with plenty of objectives

If you’re not a pro, bring a small digital camera instead. It will work fine for your needs.


Don’t carry a heavy portable barbecue on your back. Make wooden sticks for sausages or hot dogs instead.

Unuseful food

Meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables and many other perishable groceries just leave at home. Stick with the usual stuff: cans, dried meat, sausages, hot dogs, instant soups, rice, couscous and generally easy-to-prepare and warm-resistant food.

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