Watchfire launches LED signs to expand in digital signage market

Watchfire Signs, one of the leading manufactures of digital billboards, has recently made to the headlines with the launch of two innovative LED signs especially designed for outdoor as well indoor sport applications. Apparently, the introduction of these signs comes along the heels of the company’s long-term plan of expanding its base in digital signage market. Amidst the major turn of events across electronics and media space, Watchfire’s latest launch for the sports venue, as per analysts’ presumption, would leave quite an impact on the overall industry trends.

For the record, Watchfire’s 16 mm LED signs designed for outdoor sport venues, is featured with vivid, eloquent pictorial quality with almost 73.8 quintillion plausible colors and an ultra-high refresh rate of 4800 Hz. In addition, the sign’s 160-degree horizontal viewing angle also ensures a uniform side view. With excellent broadcast-quality content and smooth playback, these hi-tech LED signs, in all likelihood would enhance the enthusiast’s experience manifold, which in consequence, would enable Watchfire to establish its ground in digital signage industry, claim experts.

Speaking of Watchfire’s indoor LED signs, sources cite, the 10 mm signs feature a 150-degree ultra-wide horizontal viewing angle which is designed to offer a clear image from practically any corner in the house. In addition, its versatile mounting options and slim cabinet also make it compatible with numerous design integrations ranging from basic wall mounting structures to scoreboards. Endorsed with a barrage of unique features, Watchdog’s indoor LED sign is claimed to be the next disruptive trend in digital signage industry, with a wide scope of applications in live event venues, sports complexes, and crowded locations.

Allegedly, both the latest LED signs for sports feature a content library of over 1,000 EasyArt animations, as well as a complete access to data, RSS feeds, and diagnostics with advanced scheduling options.