CamelBak All Clear Water Purifier Review


Camelbak All Clear Water Purifier

Made in China

Weight: 303g

A simple, quick, and comprehensive way to treat your water on the go. The UV lamp built into the cap of this water bottle disrupts the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, rendering them harmless. Just fill the bottle, activate the built-in bulb timer, and agitate the bottle as it counts down. Sixty seconds later, you’re ready to drink.

  • UV bulb is insulated to retain efficiency in cold water; lasts for 10,000 treatments.
  • Shock-resistant cap for enhanced bulb durability.
  • LCD readout verifies successful treatment.
  • USB recharging cable included. Each charge lasts 80 cycles and treats 60 litres.
  • 750ml co-poyester water bottle, cap, and case for cap included.
  • Note: UV devices are intended for treating clear water. They have been shown to reduce microbial contamination in mildly turbid water. If you are treating highly turbid water, follow all package instruction carefully and consider pre-filtering the water.


Weight 303g
Ideal For Camping and hiking
Filter type Shortwave UV light
Cartridge Life 7500L
Dimensions 24 x 7cm
Output .75L/min
Effective Against Bacteria Yes
Effective Against Particulate No
Effective Against Protozoa Yes
Effective Against Viruses Yes



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